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Rust Raid Cost

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this tool used for?

You can use Rust Raid Cost for many purposes. You can calculate how much sulfur you need to farm for a raid you are planning. You can also use this tool to estimate how much boom is required to raid your own base, so you can determine how secure it is from raids.

How do I know what type of explosives to use on what items?

The Raid Cost Chart can help you figure that out! It shows you two effective ways to destroy the item you are trying to break. There is also search functionality so you can quickly access the information you need.

What is the Code Raid Tool?

The Rust Code Raid Tool is a tool we developed to help with code raiding. To use it, click on the "Generate Code" button and a random 4 digit code will apear. Attempt that code on the target's door and if it fails, press the button again to generate a new code. The same code can not be generated twice, and the codes you have already tried are stored and displayed for you as well. After you successfully code raided your target, you can press the "Clear Codes" button the reset the tool and start over with a new target.

Keep in mind that code raiding is a tedious and boring process. Luckily all your attempted codes are saved so you can take much needed breaks in between!

Is there support for Eco Raiding?

The Eco Raid Chart displays two effective Eco Raiding methods for each raidable item. Eco Raiding is also slow and tedious, but can sometimes yield great rewards at little or no cost. It is also usually extremely quiet and will not attract lots of attention.